Meet Jeff Gaston



As a small businessman, I own and operate Rocky Mountain Insurance and SBA National Protection. I manage over sixty-five insurance agents located in multiple states across the West.

I graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Sociology. While attending the University of Utah, I was a student athlete and played on the football team. Since graduating, I have stayed involved in sports, helping youth by coaching at the high school level. I am currently a coach at Skyridge High School.


Bluffdale is an ideal place to live and raise a family, but our government must do better. Due to a lack of economic development in Bluffdale, and the rapid development in the cities that surround us, Bluffdale residents are buying goods and spending money to the benefit of other cities. The result has led to our tax rates dramatically increasing – most recently our city council voted to raise taxes another 12%!

With the prison relocation around the corner and the development of the point of the mountain area, now is the time to focus and prioritize Bluffdale’s economic development strategy.

The economic future of the city and the success of Bluffdale will be negatively impacted unless we start making some good decisions. As a small business owner, I have the background and experience needed to bring success to Bluffdale. I'm running for the city council to focus on economic development and stop taxes increases to make Bluffdale the best city in Utah to work, live and raise a family.